iMac G3 500mHz DV SE (Dalmation/ Flower Power) 2001

flower power and blue dalmation imac g3The iMac G3 500mhz DV SE (Dalmation/ Flower) offered a significant upgrade to the previous G3 500mHz iMac SE in that the CPU, although technically the same clock speed, offered an on-chip level 2 Cache and a PowerPC 750cx CPU (as opposed to the PowerPC 750).  In addition, the Graphics processing unit recieved an upgrade with the addition of further video ram.

Unfortunately, the new model did not appear too popular, whether a result of the color scheme, user perception of a smaller hard drive, lack of DVD drive or saturation of an existing market, the model was short lived and quietly dropped from Apples line-up.


The Apple iMac G3/500 DV Special Edition ( Dalmation/ Flower) incorporates a 500 MHz PowerPC 750cx (G3) processor with 64k level 1 cache and a 256kB on-chip level 2 cache.


The iMac G3 500mHz DV Special Edition (2001) shares the same 100mHz system bus speed and memory standard (PC100) as the  iMac G3 350mHz (Blueberry).  It has 64 MB of factory installed RAM and 2 x RAM slots. Whilst original specifications stated that the iMac supports PC100, users found that PC133 was backward compatible.  A total 1 gigabyte ram can be installed in this computer in the form of 2 x 512MB sticks. A guide to upgrading the memory is available here.


The iMac G3 500mHz is supplied with a 20.0 GB Ultra ATA hard drive. Although technically not user upgradeable, it is quite possible to replace the drive.  However, this iMac will not support Hard Drives larger than 128GB capacity.  The iMac came equipped with a 4x CDrw slot loading drive.

A Hard Drive upgrade guide for the G3 iMac Slot loader is available here

Video & Graphics:

iMac G3 500 Snow PortsVideo is supplied via an ATI Rage 128 Pro Ultra (AGP 2X) graphics with 16 MB of VRAM which supports a 15.0″ (13.8″ viewable area) display at resolutions of 640×480 at 117 Hz, 800×600 at 95 Hz, and 1024×768 at 75 Hz. A built in VGA port to the rear of the iMac allows for external monitor support (mirrored) with a maximum resolution of 1024×768.


The iMac G3/500 DV Special Edition is supplied with 2 x USB 1.1 ports, 2 x Firewire 400 ports, Stereo sound out port (to side), line-in (mic), RJ-45 ethernet (10/100) port, RJ-11 modem port (built in 56k modem), a single VGA port (to rear) and 2 x headphone jacks to front.

Introduction Date: February 22, 2001 Discontinued Date: July 18, 2001
Processor Speed: 500 MHz Processor Type: PowerPC 750cx (G3)
Details: N/A
Processors: 1 Geekbench: 257
Processor Upgrade: Soldered FPU: Integrated
System Bus Speed: 100 MHz Cache Bus Speed: 500 MHz (Built-in)
ROM/Firmware Type: Open Firmware ROM/Firmware Size: 1 MB
L1 Cache: 64k L2/L3 Cache: 256k (on chip)
RAM Type: PC100 SDRAM Min. RAM Speed: 10 ns
Standard RAM: 64 MB Maximum RAM: 1 GB
Motherboard RAM: None RAM Slots: 2
Video Card: Rage 128 Ultra VRAM Type: SDRAM
Standard VRAM: 16 MB Maximum VRAM: 16 MB
Built-in Display: 15.0″ (13.8″) Native Resolution: 800×600*
2nd Display Support: Mirroring Only 2nd Max. Resolution: 1024×768*
Standard Hard Drive: 20.0 GB Int. HD Interface: Ultra ATA
Standard Optical: 4X CD-RW Standard Disk: None
Standard Modem: 56.6k (Internal) Standard Ethernet: 10/100Base-T
Standard AirPort: 802.11b (Optional) Standard Bluetooth: None
USB Ports: 2 (1.1) Firewire Ports: 2 (400)
Expansion Slots: AirPort Expansion Bays: None
Details: N/A
Incl. Keyboard: Apple Pro Keyboard Incl. Input: Apple Pro Mouse
Case Type: All-in-One Form Factor: iMac (Slot Loading)
Apple Order No: M7669LL/A Apple Subfamily: iMac – Early 2001
Apple Model No: M5521 Model ID: PowerMac4,1
Battery Type: 3.6V Lithium Battery Life: N/A
Pre-Installed MacOS: 9.1 Maximum MacOS: X 10.4.11
MacOS 9 Support: Classic Mode & Direct Boot Windows Support: Emulation Only (Parallels)
Dimensions: 15.0 x 15.0 x 17.1 Avg. Weight: 34.7 lbs. (15.7 kg)