Apple iMac G4 700mHz M6498

The Apple iMac “700″ (Flat-Panel) is a new model iMac, replacing theiMac G4 5 inch Flat Panel G3 variant with the built in CRT. The internal components are housed in a gorgeous 10.5″ half-sphere, ice white case with a chromed stainless steel neck that supports a 15″ TFT Active Matrix LCD display. The iMac 700mHz “Flat-Panel”  ships with MacOS X (10.1) as the default operating system and Mac OS 9.2 installed, offering dual boot capability.

The iMac G4 700mHz ships with an ice white Apple Pro Keyboard and Mouse. Unlike some earlier iMac models that are convection-cooled, the iMac “Flat-Panel” series is cooled by a quiet internal fan. Please note that the case of the iMac “700″ (Flat-Panel) simply says “iMac” and the additional information is provided to distinguish this model from earlier ones.


The Apple iMac G4 700mHz 15″ features a 700 MHz (G4) processor Apple iMac G4 Portsand a 256k on-chip level 2 cache, 128 MB or 256 MB of RAM (PC133 SDRAM), a 40.0 GB Ultra ATA hard drive (5400 RPM), either a tray-loading CD-RW drive or DVD-ROM/CD-RW Combo Drive, and NVIDIA GeForce2 MX graphics acceleration with 32 MB of DDR RAM.

Ports and Connectivity:

This system has three USB 1.1 ports (shared on two 12-Mbps controllers) and two Firewire “400″ ports (eight watts shared). Apple advertised that this computer had five USB 1.1 ports, counting three on the system and two on the keyboard.

Video and Graphics:

This model has a 15.0″ TFT active matrix display with a nativeTilt and Swivel Screen resolution of 1024×768 at “millions of colors”, driven by a Geforce 2MX GPU. It also supports “640 by 480 pixels and 800 by 600 pixels”. Apple reports a “typical” brightness of 200 cd/m, contrast ratio of 300:1, and viewing angle of 120 degrees horizontal and 90 degrees vertical.

Apple reports that this system has a “mini-VGA output port ([that] requires [a] VGA display adapter)” with support for video mirroring at output resolutions of “640 by 480 pixels at 60 Hz, 800 by 600 pixels at 75 Hz, and 1024 by 768 pixels at 75 Hz”.

Memory upgrades:

The iMac G4 models are unusual as they have two memoryiMac G4_memory port_undersideslots of different types — one on the bottom of the logicboard that is easy to access — and a second memory slot on the top of the logicboard that is difficult to access.

1. First  remove the “User Access Plate”, simply remove the 4 screws with the phillips screw driver. Photo below is with User Access Plate removed. Airport (802.11b) card and USER (sodimm) RAM slot.

2. Remove the base screws with a Torx-15. Then you can take off bottom housing. It’s a little bit tricky because there is a couple of connectors ( on the right side, connecting power and IDE to the motherboard),iMac G4 motherboard topwhen you look straight ahead onto your iMac) which fits pretty solid, but when you just pull strong enough on the bottom plate it loosens (but gently, please).

3) Replace internal PC133 dimm and re-assemble.

Introduction Date: January 7, 2002 Discontinued Date: February 4, 2003
Processor Speed: 700 MHz Processor Type: PowerPC 7441 (G4)
Details: The PowerPC G4 includes the AltiVec “Velocity Engine” vector processor.
Processors: 1 Geekbench: 350
Processor Upgrade: Soldered FPU: Integrated
Details: The processor is mounted directly to the motherboard.
System Bus Speed: 100 MHz (7:1) Cache Bus Speed: 700 MHz (Built-in)
Details: N/A
ROM/Firmware Type: Open Firmware ROM/Firmware Size: 1 MB
Details: The Boot ROM is roughly 1 MB, other instructions are loaded into RAM.
L1 Cache: 64k L2/L3 Cache: 256k (on-chip)
Details: 256k on-chip level 2 cache runs at processor speed.
RAM Type: PC133 SDRAM Min. RAM Speed: 10 ns
Details: Although Apple’s original specifications stated that it shipped with PC100 RAM, Apple later warned that “PC100 RAM is not to be used with iMac (Flat Panel) computers and may create performance and reliability issues”.
Standard RAM: 128 MB, 256 MB Maximum RAM: 1 GB
Details: M8672LL/A shipped with128 MB of memory and M7677LL/A shipped with 256 MB of memory.
Motherboard RAM: None RAM Slots: 2*
Details: *There is one factory installed memory module in a 168-pin DIMM slot and one 144-pin user-accessible SO-DIMM slot. How do I upgrade the memory of an iMac G4
Video Card: GeForce2 MX VRAM Type: DDR SDRAM
Details: Shipped with a “NVIDIA GeForce2 MX graphics processor with AGP 2X support”.
Standard VRAM: 32 MB Maximum VRAM: 32 MB
Details: The video cannot be upgraded.
Built-in Display: 15.0″ TFT Native Resolution: 1024×768
2nd Display Support: Mirroring Only 2nd Max. Resolution: 1024×768
Standard Hard Drive: 40 GB (5400 RPM) Int. HD Interface: Ultra ATA/66
Details: Officially, this model does not support hard drives larger than 128 GB. However, third-parties have discovered that this system will natively support hard drives larger than 128 GB, when running MacOS X 10.2 or higher.Ultra ATA/100 hard drives are backwards compatible with the Ultra ATA/66 standard.
Standard Optical: 10X CD-RW/”Combo”* Standard Disk: None
Details: Apple reports that the tray-loading CD-RW drive (M8672LL/A) “writes CD-R discs at 24x speed, writes CD-RW discs at 10x speed, reads CDs at 32x speed” and the “Combo” drive (M7677LL/A) “reads DVDs at 8x speed, writes CD-R discs at 12x speed, writes CD-RW discs at 8x speed, [and] reads CDs at 32x speed.”
Standard Modem: 56k v.90 Standard Ethernet: 10/100Base-T
Details: Internal 56k v.90 modem and 10/100Base-T Ethernet standard.
Standard AirPort: 802.11b (Optional) Standard Bluetooth: None
Details: This model could be configured with AirPort (802.11b) at the time of purchase at additional cost.
USB Ports: 3 (1.1) Firewire Ports: 2 (400)
Expansion Slots: AirPort Expansion Bays: None
Details: This model has “built-in antennas and [a] card slot for [an] optional AirPort card”.
Incl. Keyboard: Apple Pro Keyboard Incl. Input: Apple Pro Mouse
Details: M7677LL/A also shipped with Apple Pro Speakers.
Case Type: All-in-One Form Factor: iMac G4 15″ Flat Panel
Apple Order No: M8672LL/A* Apple Subfamily: iMac Flat Panel
Apple Model No: M6498 (EMC 1873) Model ID: PowerMac4,2
Details: Please note that these identifiers refer to more than one model.
Battery Type: 3.6V Lithium Battery Life: N/A
Details: N/A
Pre-Installed MacOS: 9.2.2 & X 10.1.2 Maximum MacOS: X 10.4.11
Details: This system cannot run versions of MacOS X more recent than 10.4.11.
MacOS 9 Support: Boot/Classic Mode Windows Support: Emulation Only
Details: This model is capable of booting in Mac OS 9 and using Mac OS 9 applications within the Mac OS X “Classic” environment.
Dimensions: 12.95 x 15.1 x 10.6* Avg. Weight: 21.3 lbs. (9.7 kg)