Apple iPad Mini (A1432) On Sale 2nd Nov 2012

Apple has finally Lanuched the iPad Mini (Wifi Only) in a simultaneous event in Asia, Europe and the Apple iPad MiniUS and it’s had mixed reaction, as one would expect.  Whilst in the UK, the reception has been luke warm at best, Tokyo has seen large Queues awaiting the opening of Apple retails stores.  However, initial feedback indicates that many users have pre-ordered their tablets online.

The iPad Mini is significantly different to the previous iPad, with a small screen (7.9 inches) and all of 308 grams in weight (0.68 pounds).

Mark Ranson, associate analyst at the global technology research firm Ovum. He said the iPad mini marked something of a departure because it was an instance of Apple following the crowd, rather than setting the pace. It appears that most interest for the new Tablet has been in Asia, with queues outside stores in Australia, Japan and Hong Kong.

The iPad Mini (2012) incorporates a dual-core A5 chip and 512MB of DDR2 RAM. The Hardware, whilst near identical to the iPad 2, is powered by a smaller 16.3Whr 4400mAh battery.


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