Apple iTV or UK iTV: A case of Brand issue?

Apple iTV?Apple is “reputedly” in development of a TV for our living rooms and it’s being touted as the iTV.  For those readers living in the UK, the letters (and their configuration) probably ring a bell already- they’re from iTV, the Independent Television broadcaster.

There’s an issue here.  Apple’s brand has, for the last  few decades, followed a certain style- of preceeding everything with an “i”- hence pundits globally have become accustomed to believing that any new product will, similarly start with that very same letter- after all, it’s about branding.

However, the iTV brand is a very old and recognised brand and given the rumoursiTV- an existing independant broadcaster in the UK surrounding the capability of the TV set Apple is currently producing, there may be issues in the future.  The key issue here isn’t the naming of the products, but what any future products would do.  Apple may in effect back itself into a corner in the UK with the Brand name iTV if, in the future it’s considering moving into broadcasting or streaming- as the Brand name’s effectively already taken in that particular sector.