the 68030 Macintosh LC 550

The Apple Macintosh LC 550 (M1640) (codename: Hook 33) features a similar motherboard to the Color classic II. It was introduced alongside the Macintosh LC 575 in Feb 1994. With the exception of processor speed and configuration options, the LC 550 is … Continue reading

the 68030 Macintosh performa 560

The Performa 560 was an All in one Macintosh introduced in Jan 1994. In essence, identical to the Performa 550, repackaged with “Business” software, it was released to target a different market altogether.  It was also identical to the LC … Continue reading

The Macintosh TV, while able to play video in 16 bit, only supported the NTSC standard of broadcast, excluding much of Europe where PAL was the standard.  Whilst able to watch full colour TV, the user was unable to use … Continue reading

macintosh lciii

The Macintosh LCIII+ was an upgrade to the LCIII and was significantly faster than the LCII and Macintosh LC. It was able to address a full 36MB of ram via 72 pin SIMMS, had a faster 68030 processor and the … Continue reading

the 68030 Macintosh performa 520

The Performa 550 (order numbers M2147LL/A, M2147LL/B, and M2147LL/C) was an All in one Macintosh introduced in October 1993 and a direct replacement to the Performa 520. It was also sold as the LC 550. The case design lasted through to the introduction of … Continue reading

Performa 430

The Apple Macintosh Performa 430, like the Performa 405, is near identical to the performa 400 but shipped with less video ram (vram) and a 12 inch Apple Colour Monitor. Released alongside the Performa 410, it was a relatively limited … Continue reading

Performa 410

The Performa 410 was  the consumer version of the LCII and was in effect identical to the Performa 400.  The model designation referred to it’s sale as part of a package that included a 12 inch monitor.  The Performa 410 hit … Continue reading

The performa 460 was Apples consumer version of the LCIII+.  An upgrade to the LCIII (M1254), it lacked the issues associated with it’s predecessor and had full data width of 32 bits as opposed to the 16 bits that crippled … Continue reading

The Macintosh Color Classic II was the same as the Macintosh Classic with just a few additions. Most notable was the color screen (although the addition of a 68030 may have added to it as well). The 10” RGB screen … Continue reading

The Macintosh Color Classic was the first color compact Apple Macintosh computer.  Re-released as the Color Classic II, it was then re-branded the Performa 275. It was released some 11 days before the Performa 460 and Performa 475. The Performa … Continue reading