Apple Mac Quadra 630

SCSI had been favoured by Apple ever since it had first incorporated a Hard Disk Drive inside the Macintosh SE.  Although both reliable and fast, SCSI was significantly more expensive than the near industry standard IDE/ ATA (Integrated/Intelligent Drive Electronics) … Continue reading

Apple Mac Quadra 605

The Quadra 605 was released alongside the larger Quadra 650 and the larger, better equipped and more aesthetically pleasing Quadra 610. Although the case of the Quadra 605 is externally different to the LC 475 and it’s consumer counterpart, the … Continue reading

The Quadra 610 was really cutting edge for it’s time.  The case in itself was evocative of Apple’s individuality, long before the Company started to produce the iconic products we all know today. It would eventually be re-used in the … Continue reading

The Macintosh Quadra 650, like the Quadra 610, was derived from the short-lived Centris line.  Initially released as the Centris 650, it was re-branded (re-badged) some 9 months after introduction in an effort to streamline Apple’s lineup. The Quadra 650 … Continue reading

quadra 660av

Like the Qudra 610 and Quadra 650, the Quadra 660av was borne out of the demise of the Centris line in Cotober 1993.  It’s case design, evocative of Apple’s individuality went on to be adopted by the Power Macintosh 6100 … Continue reading

Macintosh Quadra 840av

Released as a replacement to the Quadra 950, the Quadra 840AV was a very powerful machine capable of video playback whilst performing other tasks simulatneously. Although very similar in appearance to the Quadra 800, the 840AV was far more powerful. … Continue reading

The Macintosh Quadra 800 (Codenames: “Fridge”& “Wombat 33″) was released a day before the Centris 610 and Centris 650.  Also sold as the Apple Workgroup Server 80 (with bundled server software), it was the first totally new Quadra model since … Continue reading

The Quadra 950 was the third 68040 based Macintosh to be released by Apple and replaced the Quadra 900. It lacked the power of the Quadra 800 and Quadra 840av, released a year later, due to the absence of Memory … Continue reading

Introduced alongside the Quadra 900, the Quadra 700 was one of the first Macintosh systems to feature the Motorola 68040 processor as well as built in ethernet. It’s case design followed on from the Macintosh IIcx and Macintosh IIci, allowing … Continue reading

The Macintosh Quadra 900 has been described as “Huge”, “monstrous” and “just plain big”. Released alongside the Quadra 700, it included a 303W power supply that could support two 25-watt NuBus cards and three of the more typical 15-watt cards. Designed … Continue reading