powerbook 150 33mHz 68030

The PowerBook 150 was a laptop created by Apple Computer in 1994 meaning that it’s introduction and subsequent retail overlapped significantly with that of the Powerbook 520, Powerbook 540 and Powerbook Duo 280c. It was the last member of the … Continue reading

Powerbook Duo 250

Visually near identical to the Powerbook Duo 230, released some 12 months previous, the Powerbook Duo 250 offers 25% more processing speed than it’s predecessor. The release of the Duo 250 coincided with that of the Powerbook Duo 270c and … Continue reading

powerbook duo 270c

Released alongside the Powerbook Duo 250, the Powerbook Duo 270c was different because it incorprated a colour, rather than greyscale screen.  However, the Powerbook 180c was already available to the consumer, so it had to battle for marketshare against a … Continue reading

powerbook 180c

Released alongside the Powerbook 145b and just prior to the introduction of the Powerbook 165 some 2 months later, the Powerbook 180c appear amid a wash of Apple Powerbooks that all offered similar specificiations.  This laptop failed to offer any … Continue reading

Powerbook 145b

The Powerbook 145b was near identical to the Powerbook 145, except that it was re-designed with a view to reducing manufacturing costs. It’s release co-incided with that of the Powerbook 180c, which offered a faster processor, more hard drive space … Continue reading

powerbook 165c

The Powerbook 165c was in effect a color version of the Powerbook 180.  However, the laptop was hampered by having single-ported DRAM for video instead of double-ported VRAM.  The result of this was slow screen redraws.  The passive matrix screen … Continue reading

powerbook 160

Released alongside the Powerbook 180, the Powerbook 160 was one of the first laptops to offer a built in screen whilst at the same time supporting an external monitor.  Priced at some $1400 less than the Powerbook 180, it offered … Continue reading

powerbook 180

Released some 2 months after the Powerbook 145, the Powerbook 180 offered a larger hard drive and more greys to the same sized display.  However, it’s cost was considerably more than the 145 at nearly $1000 additional.  It also supported … Continue reading

Powerbook Duo 2300c

Released alongside the Powerbook Duo 210, the Powerbook Duo 230 was a sub-notebook developed by Apple. It’s lack of a floppy drive or ports was offset by it’s high speed and capacity for more memory than it’s full-blown Powerbook counterparts. … Continue reading

powerbook duo 210

Released alongside the Powerbook Duo 230, the Powerbook Duo 210 was the first (and model with the lowest specifications) in a range of sub-notebooks developed by Apple.  It’s impressive speficications weren’t exactly the selling point though, it was the lack … Continue reading