The Apple iMac G3 consisted of a number of different models:

The Original Tray Loading iMac: Apple M4984 Specs.
The Slot Loading iMac: Apple M5521 Specs

iMac G3 700mHz

With it’s firewire 400 ports, 15 inch CRT screen and upgraded processor, the iMac G3 700mHz Special Edition offered a swansong for the PowerPC 750 CRT based iMac lineup.  It’s availability in translucent Graphite or “White” Snow colors marked the … Continue reading

iMac G3 600mHz Snow

Released alongside the iMac G3 500mHz Indigo/ Snow (2001), the iMac G3 600mHz (Summer 2001) offered the same power as the iMac G3 600mHz Special Edition, released earlier that year. However, this was the first iMac to offer 256MB ram, … Continue reading

iMac G3 500mHz Indigo

The iMac G3 500mhz DV SE (Indigo/ Snow) offered the same processing power to the iMac G3 500mHz (Dalmation/ Flower)- albeit in a more pleasingly aesthetic case color. Like the Funky colored alternative, it offered an on-chip level 2 Cache … Continue reading

flower power and blue dalmation imac g3

Like the iMac G3 500mHz DV Special Edition, the iMac G3 600mHz was available in Dalmation/ Flower designs, which didn’t go down too well with consumers.  However, the Graphite version of the computer sold substantially more units, reflecting the poularity … Continue reading

flower power and blue dalmation imac g3

The iMac G3 500mhz DV SE (Dalmation/ Flower) offered a significant upgrade to the previous G3 500mHz iMac SE in that the CPU, although technically the same clock speed, offered an on-chip level 2 Cache and a PowerPC 750cx CPU … Continue reading

iMac G3 500mHz Snow

The iMac G3 500mHz was released Summer 2000, alongside the iMac G3 450mHz, iMac G3 400mHz (Indigo/ Ruby) and the iMac G3 350mHz (Indigo).  Unike the G3 450mHz iMac which was available in Indigo, Ruby and Sage, the G3 500mHz … Continue reading

Sage iMac G3 450mHz

The iMac G3 450mHz DV+, released Summer 2000 was announced alongside the iMac G3 400mHz Ingido/ Ruby and the iMac G3 350mHz Indigo.  The G3 450mHz introduced a new color- Sage and was also available in Indigo and Ruby.  The … Continue reading

iMac G3 400mHz Indigo/ Red

Following on from the sucess of the iMac G3 400mHz DV (Fruit), Apple released the iMac G3 400mHz Indigo/ Ruby, with the Red being a color not offered before.  The computer itself was near identical to it’s higher end predecessor … Continue reading

iMac G3 350mHz Indigo

The original (technically second generation) iMac is a G3 based Powermac system.  It was shipped with an apple stock ide 7 gig hard drive, 168pin pc100 memory all on a single caged computer, slung under the main chassis of the … Continue reading

The iMac G3 400mhz DV SE is a special edition iMac released alongside the iMac G3 400 DV (Fruit colors).   It was shipped with a larger apple stock ide 13 gig hard drive than the “Fruit” and 168pin PC 100 … Continue reading