The Apple Mac Pro desktop computer with it’s multiple cores

It’s pretty much unmistakable and to be honest, is dinky, when compared to previous versions of the Mac Pro.  The 2013 “Cylinder” Mac Pro shipped in two flavours and this one contained a Quad Core Xeon processor- more specifically, a … Continue reading

After a decade of the exterior looking remarkably similar, the top end Apple Mac range has finally had a make-over.  A design reminiscent of the Power Mac G5, introduced originally in 2003, has finally gone the way of the DoDo, … Continue reading

Like all the other Mac Pro Towers that came before it, the 2012 Westmere system was housed in the same aluminium tower that had been first designed for the PowerMac G5 series.  It’s upgraded processor offered no significant speed increase … Continue reading

With no new mac Pro releases in 2011, it was a surprise to find the 2012 model featuring a lack of significant changes to the specifications.  The Video card and Memory speeds remaining similar to the “build to order units … Continue reading

The 2.93 gHz custom (build to order) 12 core Mac Pro released in 2010 arrived alongside the 8 core Westmere 2.4gHz Mac Pro (A1289) and was a faster variant of the 2.66gHz 12 core Westmere Mac Pro (EMC 2314-2). It … Continue reading

The custom (build to order) 12 core Mac Pro released in 2010 arrived alongside the 8 core Westmere 2.4gHz Mac Pro (A1289) offering some marginal improvements including faster processor, the ability to process more information (per clock cycle) and faster … Continue reading

Released alongside the Mac Pro quad core Nelahem 2.8gHz and its custom configurations, the eight core variant offered little to distinguish it from other models externally.  Using the same external case design, it was only internally that differences were apparent.  … Continue reading

The 3.2gHz version of the Mid 2010 Mac Pro was a build-to-order custom version of the 2.8gHz Quad Core mac Pro released at the same time.  The only difference between the models was the processor. Processor: The Nehalem Processor in … Continue reading

It’s standard Aluminium Chassis identifies the 2010 Mac Pro as a member of the more powerful professional range of computer systems developed by Apple. However, the “Quad Core” processor isn’t the technical “step back” perpetrated by many in the Media.  … Continue reading

2009 Nahelem Mac Pro

The 3.33gHz Nahelem Early 2009 Mac Pro was released alongside the  2.66gHz Nahelem Mac Pro and the 2.93gHz Mac Pro. Externally it is near identical to the 2008 Clovertown A1186 Mac Pro.  Internally however, the design has been subtly changed and incorporates a new “drawer” … Continue reading