b+w G3 mini tower Apple

The Power Macintosh G3 450mHz was introduced in June 1999, some 5 months after the G3 400mHz Blue & White and the G3 350mHz B&W.  It offered significant speed improvements as well as the option to include a SCSI card. … Continue reading

G3 300mHz blue and white front

A replacement to the now ailing Beige G3 Minitower, the Blue and White G3 300 Apple Mac was a PowerPC 750 based Powermac system that replaced the G3 233mHz minitower and G3 233mHz Desktop as the “Bottom of the line” Professional … Continue reading

Apple Powermac G3 350mHz Blue & White

The Blue and White G3 350mHz (Code named “El-Capitan”) is a PowerPC 750 based Powermac system. It was launched alongside the Blue & White G3 300mHz and B&W G3 400mHz.  The 350mhz shipped with an apple stock 10 gig hard … Continue reading

Power Macintosh G3 400mHz Blue & White

The Power Mac Blue and White G3 400mHz was released alongside the Blue & White G3 300mHz and G3 350mHz Blue & White as a direct replacement to the then high-end Power Macintosh G3 300mHz Minitower and Power Mac G3 … Continue reading