Powerbook Duo 250

Visually near identical to the Powerbook Duo 230, released some 12 months previous, the Powerbook Duo 250 offers 25% more processing speed than it’s predecessor. The release of the Duo 250 coincided with that of the Powerbook Duo 270c and … Continue reading

powerbook duo 270c

Released alongside the Powerbook Duo 250, the Powerbook Duo 270c was different because it incorprated a colour, rather than greyscale screen.  However, the Powerbook 180c was already available to the consumer, so it had to battle for marketshare against a … Continue reading

Powerbook Duo 2300c

Released alongside the Powerbook Duo 210, the Powerbook Duo 230 was a sub-notebook developed by Apple. It’s lack of a floppy drive or ports was offset by it’s high speed and capacity for more memory than it’s full-blown Powerbook counterparts. … Continue reading

powerbook duo 210

Released alongside the Powerbook Duo 230, the Powerbook Duo 210 was the first (and model with the lowest specifications) in a range of sub-notebooks developed by Apple.  It’s impressive speficications weren’t exactly the selling point though, it was the lack … Continue reading