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Share this! has ceased the sale of second hand Apple Macintosh Computer hardware. However, the website remains live and offers plenty more than just a used Apple Macintosh online shop. In addition to links to numerous vendors, it offers the latest news, technical specs and upgrade advice.
Apple's Most Innovative Laptops:

We Reckon that these models are among the most innovative laptops ever made because of their ground-breaking designs, which at the time set the standard for many manufacturers:

Powerbook 100 | Powerbook Duo (210) | Powerbook 540c | Powerbook Wallstreet | Powerbook G3 Pismo | Snow iBook G3 500mHz | Macbook Air | Powerbook G4 12 inch | Unibody Macbook Pro A1286

Apple's Most notable Desktops:

Apart from the most obvious - Mac Pro and Intel iMac range, Apple has since the 1980's, developed and released some notable desktop computers that have both astounded and amazed the most feverant of critics. These include:

The Macintosh 128k | The Macintosh Classic | The Mac SE/30 | The Quadra 900 | The Quadra 840av | The Power Macintosh 8100/80av | The G3 (Blue & White) Minitower | The G4 MDD Dual 1.25 gHz | iMac G4 700mHz | Original Mac Mini G4

Okay, so there's going to be some Macs that we've missed of the list and we'd be the first to admit that this list isn't necessarily exhaustive after all, some would argue that the color classic introduces new features, that the Dual Processor 9600 was extremely powerful for it's time. However, we weren't out to name them all- just to give a brief overview of all the innovation that's happened over the last 3 decades at Apple. After all, Apple didn't come into being with the G3 iMac- it was there, making huge strides long before that.
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