Apple Macintosh Performa 6400/180mHz

The Apple Macintosh Performa 6400/180, released alongside the Performa 6400/200mHz and Performa 6410/180 introduced a new case design not previously seen in Apples lineup and incorporates aMacintosh Performa 6400/180 180 MHz PowerPC 603e CPU and comes with a base 16 MB of RAM,  1.6 GB IDE/ ATA hard drive and 8 speed CD-ROM drive. It was sold with an SRS 3D surround sound system incorporating a subwoofer, all packed in a sleek, rounded tower case.


With external speakers attached, the subwoofer functions as a bass speaker to augment the stereo sound. Without external speakers, the subwoofer produces full-range sound instead of just bass.

TV Tuner Card Option:

The TV/FM radio tuner card option turns the computer into a television and FM radio receiver, complete with remote control. An expansion ribbon connector for the optional TV/FM radio tuner card provides NTSC and PAL input from an external TV antenna or cable. Change channels by typing the channel number on the keyboard or with the remote control. Switch between the current and previous channel by pressing the Tab key. The computer displays the userassigned channel name on the picture in the video window.

Memory Upgrades:

The Performa 6400 comes with 16 MB of DRAM soldered to the motherboard. Two 168-performa 6400 motherboard pin sockets allow for memory expansion and accept 168-pin, fast-paged, 70 ns or faster, 2K refresh rate DIMMs. The JEDEC MO-161 specification shows three possible heights for the 8-byte DIMM. For these computers, use only the shortest of the three (1.100 inches). Taller DIMMs put excessive pressure on the DIMM sockets due to mechanical pressure inside the case.  DRAM DIMMs can be installed individually. However, if you wish to take advantage of the computer’s interleaving capability, which provides maximum performance, you must install the DIMMs in matching pairs. A total of 136MB RAM could be installed in the computer (including soldered memory). A memory upgrade guide is available here.

Ports & Slots:

This model has two PCI slots as well as Comm-II, TV, and video input expansion slots.  It’s ports include DB-15 video, ADB port, DB-25 SCSI Ports, Two Geoport serial ports (Printer and Modem), Plaintalk 3.5mm jack, sound in port, stereo 16 bit sound out port, front mounted headphone port, TV and FM radio card (in expansion slot).


An optional 256K Level 2 high performance module was available.

Introduction Date: August 7, 1996 Discontinued Date: July 12, 1996
Processor Speed: 180 MHz Processor Type: PowerPC 603e
Details: This model has a 32-bit processor and a 64-bit data path.
Processor Upgrade: Third-Party* FPU: Integrated
System Bus Speed: 40 MHz Cache Bus Speed: N/A
ROM/Firmware Type: Macintosh ROM ROM/Firmware Size: 4 MB
L1 Cache: 32k L2 Cache: 256k (Optional)
RAM Type: 168-pin DIMM Min. RAM Speed: 70 ns
Details: Supports two 70 ns 168-pin DIMMs.
Standard RAM: 16 MB Maximum RAM: 136 MB
Details: This model can support up to 136 MB of RAM with two 64 MB memory modules and the 8 MB of onboard RAM.
Motherboard RAM: 8 MB RAM Slots: 2
Video Card: Integrated* VRAM Type: Integrated*
Details: *1 MB of system RAM is dedicated to video function.
Standard VRAM: 1 MB Maximum VRAM: 1 MB
Display Support: Single Display* Resolution Support: 800×600*
Standard Hard Drive: 1.6 GB Int. HD Interface: IDE
Standard Optical: 8X CD-ROM Standard Disk: 1.44 MB (Manual)
Standard Modem: 28.8k (Internal) Standard Ethernet: None*
Expansion Slots: 2 PCI, Comm, Video In, TV* Expansion Bays: None
Case Type: Tower Form Factor: Macintosh Performa 6400
Apple Order No: M5167LL/A Apple Subfamily: Performa 6400 Series
Details: N/A
Apple Model No: M3548 Gestalt ID: 58
Battery Type: 4.5V Alkaline Battery Life: N/A
Original Mac OS: 7.5.3 Supported Mac OS: 7.5.3-9.1
Dimensions: 16.0 x 7.8 x 16.9 Avg. Weight: 44.5 lbs (20.2 kg)