Apple Maps in IOS6 Critisized- it may be too soon

Apple rolled out iOS6 with it’s new mapping service on Wednesday last (19 Sept) and it has since come under severe scrutiny by the press as a result of consumer complaints about the innacuracy and lack of information the service contains.

iPhone iOS6 Maps

However, something that has not been grasped by many outside of Apple itself is that the software is cloud based (in this instance, I think Crowd Based may be more apt.  Apple was quoted by the Telegraph as stating that the software  will improve as more people use it.  We have to wonder whether the statement “Cloud Based” implies more that it’s the users who will make the software better.

However, it’s worth considering Apple’s side of the story here.  Google Maps, which iOS6 did away with, lacks any turn by turn direction so, unlike Android (Google’s own phone based OS), you’re not directed where to go by your iPhone (iOS5) as you travel along.  It’s been reported that Apple broached the subject of better Maps support with Google but were told that better brand awareness of Google would have to be included on the iPhone. I guess it all comes down to weighing up which brand was more valuable, the iPhone or Google Maps?