apple powerbook 100

Released alongside the Powerbook 140 and Powerbook 170 and costing some $2500, the Apple Macintosh PowerBook 100, codesigned by Apple and Sony, was in effect a redesigned version of the Backlit Portable. The computer, with it’s 9.0″ passive-matrix monochrome display was encased in a … Continue reading

macintosh backlit portable

When compared to the original Macintosh Portable, the Backlit Portable has a higher resolution at 640×400. It’s design incorporated the keyboard to the front, with trackball located to the right.  The unit was ultimately replaced by the Powerbook 100, powerbook … Continue reading

Macintosh Classic

Redesigned to reduce expense and offer a modernized version of the highly popular Macintosh Plus, the Apple Macintosh Classic replaced the Macintosh SE (FD/HD). The Macintosh SE/30 had been released a year earlier as part of Apple’s flagship range. The … Continue reading

Introduced alongside the Macintosh II in 1987, the Apple Macintosh SE was developed around a similar case to the Mac 128k/ Mac 512k. The SE was the first Apple Computer System to incorporate an internal hard Disk drive as well as … Continue reading


Commonly refered to as a “Compact Mac”, the Macintosh 512ke is visually identical to the previously released Macintosh 128k and Macintosh 512k- which it replaced. The Macintosh 512ke also has similar specifications to the Macintosh 512k, with the same processor … Continue reading

Apple Mac Plus

With a run that lasted 4 years and 10 months, the Macintosh plus still retains it’s top position on the leader board as the longest production run for a mac ever. It’s production run overlapped with that of the Macintosh … Continue reading

Commonly refered to as a “Compact Mac”, the Macintosh 512k is near identical to it’s forerunner, the Macintosh 128k. The only difference is the improved 512k of RAM, which cannot be expanded further. The Macintosh 512k earned the nickname “Fat Mac” because … Continue reading

apple macintosh 128k

Whilst the accolade for the first Graphical user interface goes to the Xerox Star 8010 (1981), the Macintosh 128k was the first relatively inexpensive and commercially succesful computer to use such a system. The Macintosh (128k) was also the first affordable … Continue reading