Externally, the iMac “Core 2 Duo” Aluminum (Early 2008/Penryn) models are essentially the same as the original Aluminum models that these replaced, with the same housing and glass cover that “joins precisely to the aluminum enclosure creating a virtually seamless … Continue reading

The iMac “Core 2 Extreme” 2.8 24-Inch (Aluminum) features a 2.8 GHz Intel “Core 2 Extreme” processor (X7900), with two independent processor “cores” on a single silicon chip, a 4 MB shared level 2 cache, an 800 MHz system bus, … Continue reading

iMac Core2Duo 2.0gHz 20 inch aluminium

The introduction of this iMac in August 2007 coincided with that of the Aluminium 2.0gHz iMac Core2Duo 20″ and 2.8gHz iMac Core2Duo extreme 24″ (build to order). Unlike the 20″ iMac Core2Duo 2.16gHz, which incorporated a 667mHz bus, this iMac … Continue reading

iMac Core2Duo 2.0gHz 20 inch aluminium

It’s near seamless front surface is composed of aluminium with a glass sheet inset over the display. The aluminium of the computers case is repeated in the new keyboard which, at 0.33 inches thick, is fabricted from the same material. … Continue reading

In effect a build-to-order version of the iMac Core2Duo 2.16gHz 24″, the 2.33gHz version contained the same components but included a faster processor soldered direct to the motherboard.  It’s Apple order number reflected its unique build. Specs: The 24-Inch 2006 … Continue reading

It’s release heralded a new generation of Apple Macs- those with seriously big real-estate built in.  At 24 inches diagonal, this was on it’s introduction by far the largest iMac available. However, it’s size did not reflect its speed which … Continue reading

The iMac “Core 2 Duo” 2.33 20-Inch technically is a “build-to-order” configuration of the iMac “Core 2 Duo” 2.16 20-Inch (Late 2006), but also is documented as a separate model for reader convenience. Other than processor, these two models are … Continue reading

At 20 inches diagonally, this was (at the time) the second largest intel based iMac ever released.  However, the large “real estate” had been available in previous generations under different guises.  The iMac G4 20″ 1.25gHz and the iMac G5 … Continue reading

Released as a build-to-order “upgrade” to the Core2Duo iMac 2.0gHz 17 inch (late 2006), the 2.16gHz version was externally near identical.  It’s introduction, which also coincided with the 20 inch iMac 2.16 and 2.33gHz models and 24 inch iMac 2.16gHz … Continue reading

The second iteration of the Intel based iMac incorporated a Core2Duo processor.  Released alongside the 20″ iMac Core2Duo 2.16gHz and massive 24″ iMac Core2Duo 2.16gHz, the 17 inch 2.0gHz iMac was the cheapest available to the consumer (It’s IG version … Continue reading